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China digital marketing


  • Partnering with iconic & well-known influencers
  • Drive both awareness & conversions


Social Media Marketing
  • Empower your brand to reach customers
  • Effectuate & maintain your brand exposure with the trending topics


  • Present different formats of ads 
  • Localize & resonate your ads to customers
  • Ensure your ads deliver & reach the key viewers


In Platform Marketing​
  • Drive consumers from intention to action 
  • Negotiate advertising and product placement in eCommerce platform
  • Navigate the Chinese promotional calendar to drive effective marketing
  • Ensure your products are top of mind for consumers


Content & Influencers Marketing​
  • Create localized & penetrative content in media networks
  • Create buzz around little-known products 
  • Activate KOLs to speak to your potential customers


    We can help…

  • Postion your brand precisely with the most suitable plans
  • Having years of experiences in the industry and clients from various categories is our advantage
  • Different tools and industry experts to help with the research

    We can help…

  • A team to help you throughout the registration process
  • Assistance on communication with the platforms
  • Register made easy and help to tackle all the issues encountered
  • Professional team to launch and design your store

    We can help…

  • Professional logistics experts to help solving all kinds of logistics issues
  • Help to make every penny you spent worthy
  • Giving you the promptest logistics quotation
  • More efficient on acknowleding and handling all logistics problems