WeChat, the most powerful communication and sales channel in China, combines almost anything and everything, chatting, sharing, ordering, paying, entertaining, shopping and so on in one App. Almost all the Chinese use WeChat every day. An increasing number of brands are learning on WeChat to go-to China.

WeChat Official Account Creation

  • Activate the official WeChat account
  • Start earning followers
  • Assist in all troubles encountered

Brand Audit

  • Comprehensive brand analysis
  • Smoothen the account operation
  • Research on strengths and weaknesses

WeChat Ads

  • Deliver ads to the audience precisely
  • Multiple advertising formats
  • WeChat Moment
  • Official Account
  • Mini-program
  • WeChat ad campaigns

Account and Content Management

  • Wide variety of content creation
  • Create topics with trending issues
  • Original copywriting share with followers

WeChat Groups & KOLs marketing

  • Create and join groups to advertise
  • Grab the most compatible KOLSs for you
  • Get social interaction and engagement

WeChat Store

  • Create and launch WeChat store
  • Purchase within app
  • Data report and performance analysis


Registration of WeChat official account

WeChat is equipped with a Subscription account, Service account and Enterprise account. It may not be the easiest procedure to do it on your own but we are here to help you get your account as soon as possible and choose the most suitable account for your brand. Getting an official account is essential as it unlocks more functions, eg WeChat payment, and WeChat Ads. Push-up notification. etc.

WeChat Marketing

WeChat used to be a communication app, users rely on group chats to share tips and interesting topics. To get more followers on WeChat, joining and creating groups are the key to shire brand content and get interaction with your followers.WeChat KOLs are trusted by their own niche, we can help you choose the most familiar influencers of your target group to achieve a higher ad reach and boost sales.

WeChat Store

The WeChat store is an eCommerce platform integrated inside WeChat. You will need a verified account to open p WeChat store. The feature like WeChat Site is able to create a solid social presence, WeChat Payment in-app allows users to pay without leaving WeChat accelerating brands to ingest in the WeChat experience.


    We can help…

  • Drive your store exposure to potential customers and boost product sales
  • Advertise through banner Ads, article Ads, Moment Ads, mini program Ads, etc
  • Work with local influencers to leverage loyalty and build trust